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How To Whiten Your Teeth By 11 Shades In Just 14 Days

The Smile4you kit was developed over 15 years ago in the USA by one of their most respected Dental Surgeons, he recognised the need for a safe, effective kit that anybody could use in the comfort of their own home to get a Unknownbrighter, whiter smile, without having to pay out the high prices charged by cosmetic dental surgeries.

Now, some 15 years after its launch, the kit has became the best selling kit in the world, with millions of satisfied users that includes thousands of professional dentists who use the kit in their surgeries.

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 FDA approved Teeth Whitening

The key to any teeth whitening kit is the bleaching gel and its % concentration, too weak and the treatment can be ineffective, if it is too strong, it is quite possible that the whitening gel will cause teeth sensitivity and even burns to gums. Most kits contain Carbamide Peroxide, a stable form of hydrogen peroxide.

The safest concentration of Carbamide peroxide is 16%, strong enough to be effective, but not so strong as to cause any unpleasant side effects or discomfort.

Avoid Kits that advertise gel strengths of 25% upwards as these can almost certainly cause problems.

The Smile4you kit uses 16% Carbamide peroxide, this is approved by the FDA for its safety and effectiveness.

 Smile4you is the only kit in the world to have full FDA approval

 What Do I Get In The Kit

Each Smile4you kit contains everything that you need to whiten your teeth

The Starter Kit contains

  •  120ml of FDA approved whitening gel
  • One pair of customisable teeth application trays
  • One applicator syringe
  • Full Easy To Follow Instructions

smile-4-youThe amount of gel contained in all the Smile4you kits is the largest amount of any other home kit, unlike other kits that need constant replenishing with new gel, the Smile4you kit contains enough for up to 200 treatments.

With a shelf life of two years, the smile4you kit really is a one off purchase.

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There are some useful accessories available that will enhance and speed your whiteing experience

These Include

  •  Blue laser light – as used by dental surgeons to speed the whitening process
  •  Aftercare gels – strengthens and protects your teeth
  •  Tooth Gloss – Adds a glossy sheen to your teeth; freshens breath and helps to protect against decay
  •  Whitening Pen – uses the same gel as the main kits, to provide an instant ‘touch up’ to your whiteness as required – whenever and wherever you are.

Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back11

Smile4you are so confident that their products will whiten your teeth, that they provide a 14 day cash back guarantee with every order, if dissatisfied simply return any unused product for a full refund

How White Will My Teeth Get

The final results will depend on the original condition and staining of the teeth.

Initial results are usually visible after the first 30 minute application with maximum results of up to 11 shades whiter in just 14 days.

 Where To Buy Smile4you in Australia

The makers have full distribution in place across Australia; orders can be placed securely through the official website, or by telephone. Nationwide shipping is fast and discreet.

The starter kit costs just $34.99 with the various accessories and kit options being available

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