Fast Teeth Whitening

If You Have Sensitive Teeth Or Simply Want Faster Results

Blue Light Assembly

Consider ordering the Smile4you blue light assembly to use with your teeth whitening kit. As used by professional dental surgeons worldwide, It will speed the whitening process by 50% – THATS TWICE AS FAST!!

If you have sensitive teeth, using the blue light will help reduce the riskat-home-application-of-blue-light-whitening of any sensitivity.

The lights use a light frequency of 468 nanometers which helps to break down the whitening gels molecules much faster, yet still safely. It’s this action that speeds up the entire whitening process by up to 50%.

And this is the same way that in-surgery laser whitening works. But obviously there is one huge difference … PRICE.

The Blue Light Assembly is supplied with some package options, also available to buy separately, the light costs just $7.99 (recommended price $14.99)

Simple to use, just turn on the light and place in your mouth in front of the whitening trays, the blue light activates and speeds the effect of the whitening gel.

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Sensitive Or Weak Teeth – Use AfterCare Gels

Aftercare gels help to replace the minerals that get lost from the teeth. They work to strengthen the teeth, replenishing these lost minerals as well as helping to stop sensitivity and protecting from decay.6-Syringes-of-Remineralization-Gel-for-After-Teeth-Whitening-Less-Sensitivity-ZH049-.jpg_220x220

The Gels contain Calcium Phosphate –  a primary mineral found in the teeth, and most responsible for the strength and durability of your teeth, it works through those microscopic holes in your tooth’s enamel to both strengthen and prevent the build up of bacteria that causes decay.

Simple to use – Just apply a small line of aftercare gel to the teeth tray after whitening and wear for just 10 minutes.

Supplied with some kits and also available to buy on their own for just $4.99 for two syringes

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Whitening Pen

Contains the same gel as the main kit, the whitening pen is a handy,zobu_balinosie_zimuli portable way of touching up your smile anywhere you go, simply apply to clean teeth and allow the gel to dry.

Perfect for those trips abroad, the pen contains enough gel for 20 treatments, this pen can be carried with you when going on holiday, when other liquids are not allowed on the plane.

Just pump the cap until gel appears on the application brush and apply. Allow to dry and if possible avoid eating or drinking for around 15 minutes.

The pen costs Just $9.99 and is available to buy from the official website

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