What Has Stained My Teeth

Causes Of Teeth Staining

Many things can stain our teeth; probably the worst offenders are drinks like Tea, Coffee and Red wine. Sugar rich carbonated 2b98493drinks are close behind.

There are ways to reduce the effects of dark drinks, where ever possible its best to try and rinse your mouth out with water after every drink, using a straw helps to protect the front teeth in particular.


Certain antibiotics are well known to cause teeth staining, the worse ones are tetracycline and minocyline, these can leave a grey/blue stain on the teeth that are notoriously hard to remove. Other medications thought to case staining include some antihistamines.

Fluoride is well known for the way it helps to strengthen teeth, especially in the young, but excess fluoride can leave spots on the Bleaching-3tooth enamel.


Ageing has a definite effect on our teeth, the outer enamel tends to get thinner with age, and it can cause the yellow under layer (dentin) to show through the enamel.

Dark foods and fruits can also cause staining, two examples are soy sauce and cranberries.

A good rule to remember is “If this food or drink will stain my clothes, its more than likely to stain my teeth” – Its important to always try and rinse mouth out with water immediately after eating these types of foods.

Injury or invasive dental surgery can also cause staining, root canal being one such example.Severe Tetracyline Stained Teeth Long Island Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Koeppel

Following a good dental health regime is important, twice yearly visits to the dentist along with daily cleaning and flossing will help to maintain your dental health and your teeth whiteness.

 My Teeth Are Stained – What Can I Do

Consider teeth whitening, most dental surgeries and beauty salons offer the treatment.

Costs range from $300 upwards, there are also some truly effective home whitening kits that provide similar results to dental surgeries but at a fraction of the cost.

UnknownOf these, the one to consider is Smile4you

Officially Australia’s #1 home whitening kit, it offers safe and effective whitening for less than $50.00

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