Smoking And White Teeth

How To Whiten Nicotine Stained Teeth

If you are one of the many thousands of Australians that smoke, you will be in no doubt just how it can stain your teeth.

Smoking is one of the main reasons for tooth staining; its smokers-teetheffects can make our teeth yellow or in severe cases, even brown.

Whenever we draw on a cigarette, cigar or even pipe, we are subjecting the surface of our teeth to nicotine and other harmful chemicals that can build an ever increasing stain on our teeth that simply cannot be removed by general cleaning.

These kinds of stains are known as extrinsic stains and can cause even the happiest smile to appear dull and attractive.

It’s a well known fact that those with yellow stained teeth are less confident, socially those with whiter teeth are often though of as more attractive and approachable, in the workplace, people can often be overlooked, when applying for promotions etc.

How Can I Get Rid Of My Smoking Stains

When regular cleaning cannot shift those nicotine stains, the best option is to have your teeth whitened.

tooth_whiteningMany Dental surgeries offer this treatment; prices will vary, and usually range from $250 to $600 depending on where you are in the country.

These high prices can make the whole process unaffordable for many of us, especially when you consider that whitening deeply stained teeth could take 2 or three treatments.

Why Not Whiten Your Own Teeth?

Home teeth whitening kits have been available for the past 15 years and have been the saviour of people worldwide.

A good kit will use the same methods and materials as used by your dentist or local beauty clinic, but usually at a far cheaper price.

Australias #1 Teeth Whitening Kit

How Do I Choose What Kit To Buy

The key to any good kit is the whitening gel, always look for one that uses Carbamide peroxide as this is exactly what your dental surgeon would use.

UnknownThe strength of the gel is also important, many kits tell us that the stronger the gel, the better- This is untrue!! Gels over 18% concentration are highly likely to cause unpleasant teeth and gum sensitivity.

The FDA in the USA only approve gels up to 16% strength as safe to use.

 Smile4you – Australias #1 Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Smile4you was developed in the USA over 15 years ago, it uses FDA approved Gel at 16% strength, and is in fact the ONLY kit in the world to have FULL FDA approval.

Smile4you provides everything that smokers need to whiten their nicotine stained teeth; their starter kit contains 120mls of approved 17812-250x300whitening gel, (enough for 200 treatments) customisable teeth trays, application syringe and full instructions.

Smile4you will whiten teeth by 11 shades of white in just 14 days with visible results showing after the first 30 minute application

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